Birthday Cake for Boys, In a Box!

Image of Miss Jones Baking Co layer, tower cake
Image of Miss Jones Baking Co ice-cream cake
A perfectly baked and frosted cake is quite delicious, but let’s face it, it’s the decorations that make it special, especially on your little man’s special day. Decorations level up the fun and festive factor, but the measuring, mixing, and mess can turn the process from fun to frustrating when you want a party-ready cake. Even if you can bake and frost a cake like a champ, you don’t always have time to do it all. With a little creativity and some simple supplies, you can create a cake that will, well, take the cake on that special day.
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Mini Towers of Cake-y Goodness

Watch their eyes light up when you bring out these little towers of cake-y goodness. Even better, these Confetti Pop Mini Cakes bake up fast and can be put together quickly. Making a memorable party couldn’t be easier. You’ll need a 4-inch cookie cutter and a sense of whimsy.
Image of Miss Jones Baking Co fun candy cake and the top with gummy worms

A Candy Cake That Is the Best of Both Worlds

Candy and cake in one tasty creation? Yes, please. This cake is simple and easy, requires very little skill and virtually no special tools. Supplies Following the directions on the box, bake and frost the cake. Using the star piping tip or any tip you happen to have, make sections on the top of the cake. If you don’t have a piping bag or piping tip, you can take a large, heavy-duty plastic freezer bag and cut a small X pattern in one corner. Fill with frosting and you are on your way. Once you’ve made your sections, fill each with the candies of your choice. Use additional candies to decorate the sides. Make a ruffled edge around the bottom. It’s a little boy’s dream.
Image of Miss Jones Baking Co cute dinosaur cake

Dinosaur Cake That Takes the Cake

What little boy doesn’t love dinosaurs? What better way to celebrate a little boy’s birthday than with a dinosaur cake? With premade edible sugar dinosaur decorations, this tasty cake will be a big hit. Or add dinosaur toys to use as party favors for your little guests. Supplies Following the directions on the box, make and frost a two-layer cake. If you wish, add food coloring to the frosting to create the color of your choice. Add sprinkles around the bottom of the cake. Miss Jones Confetti Pop Buttercream Frosting is a good choice for this cake, since it includes non-GMO sprinkles. Add dinosaurs and a ruffled edge around the top.

A Cake That Creates a Disturbance in the Force

It’s hard to imagine who wouldn’t be delighted with this Stars Wars Cake. It’s just too cute. And easy to make as well. Simply choose your little man’s favorite flavor combination of Miss Jones Organic cake mix and buttercream frosting. Following the directions on the package, bake and frost a two-layer cake. Supplies Using pre-made fondant and Star Wars silicone ice cube tray molds, create the Star Wars decorations for the cake. Attach the decorations to the sides of the cake. Add sprinkles or other candies to the top of the cake.

This Ice Cream Social Birthday Party

Okay, so cake in a cup topped with ice cream may be a little off the beaten path, but Miss Jones Dessert-In-A-Cup is the perfect recipe for an ice cream social birthday party. Cake, ice cream, and toppings. In a cup. What’s not to love? Pick as many as you like, or even all of the 7 Seriously Next-Level Ice Cream Sundaes to make a delicious ice cream sundae social. Want more inspo for your little boy’s birthday party? Check out this Trill Mix to hand out as a party favor to your little guests.

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