Simple and Real Ingredients

Miss Jones products are made with simple, real ingredients to deliver delicious, from-scratch results.

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A Few of Our Fans

This stuff is amazing...If Harry Potter had frosting with Yoda it's what I imagine they'd eat, it's that amazing.

Amazon Reviews / Tim Coleman

...what we can't stop dreaming about is that ridiculous dessert spread by Miss Jones Baking Co. We had some of our party guests go so far as to say it was the best thing they ever tasted (amongst other expletives).

Mother Mag / Make 'Em: Cash Money Millionaire Bars

My daughter loves vanilla cake with chocolate frosting and we have tried every mix out there. We were thrilled to find Miss Jones Vanilla Cake Mix and Chocolate Frosting in our baking aisle just last week and it really is just as good as the homemade recipes that take forever. Furthermore, I can give my daughter her favorite cake without artificial ingredients and chemicals. Double win!

Emmy / 32, Mom, Texas

Cake mix made with recognizable, organic ingredients that actually tastes good? It can be done! I’ll be keeping a box of Miss Jones Organic Vanilla Cake Mix on hand for cake emergencies.

Popsugar / Best New Food Products