4 Easy and Delicious Holiday Treats

4 Easy and Delicious Holiday Treats
Oh the holidays… it’s the most wonderful time of the year but also one of the busiest times of the year. From holiday parties to shopping for presents, we know how easily time can get away from us. Here at Miss Jones Baking Co., we’re all about making life a little easier with our single-serve Desserts in a Cup. We love our Desserts in a Cup because they’re the perfect treat for when we’re on the go. They’re the perfect thing to serve at kids holiday parties or a great little treat to have after a day of errands. Not to mention, they make the perfect stocking stuffer! They’re easily customizable so you can satisfy any sweet craving you might have. Check out four of our favorite holiday Dessert in a Cup concoctions below! Looking for more easy on-the-go recipe inspo? Check out these easy ice cream sundae recipes with our Desserts in a Cup. Shop on Amazon Yum

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1. Peppermint Brownie in a Cup Chocolate and peppermint is one of our favorite flavor combinations and during the holidays, you can definitely catch us baking a batch or two of our favorite Peppermint Brownies with our Organic Brownie Mix and Organic Peppermint Buttercream Frosting. For a fudgy peppermint brownie on the fly, simply top a Brownie in a Cup with a dollop of Peppermint Frosting and peppermint sprinkles.


2. Gingerbread Cake in a Cup Nothing says the holidays like gingerbread. Make a mini gingerbread loaf cake just for you by adding pinches of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cloves when mixing up a Vanilla Cake in a Cup. Top with some Miss Jones Organic Vanilla Buttercream Frosting if desired or enjoy as is!

3. Hot Chocolate Cake in a Cup In the cold winter months, we want to have hot chocolate every day. To change things up, make a Hot Chocolate Cake in a Cup with our Warm Double Chocolate Cake in a Cup. Add a few mini marshmallows into the cup, top with whipped cream and a candy cane for a warm, gooey chocolatey treat. 4. Red Velvet Cake in a Cup It doesn’t have to be the holidays to enjoy Red Velvet Cake, but we love how festive this dessert looks. To make a little red velvet cake in a minute or less, add a couple drops of natural red velvet food coloring and a ½ tsp cocoa powder when mixing up a Vanilla Cake in a Cup. Top with Organic Cream Cheese Buttercream Frosting for a lovely mini red velvet cake! Merry Everything and Happy Holidays!

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